Guilford Lake Civic Association

Guilford Lake, Hanoverton, Ohio, 44432

President – Robert Gause                                             Committee on By-Laws – Robert Gause

Secretary – Peg Leone                                                                                            Paul Clewell

Treasurer – Rilla Gill


Guilford Lake Civic Association

By Laws

Amended 08-18-97


Article I

The Name of the Association

Section I           The name of the association shall be: The Guilford Lake Civic Association.


Article II

Object of the Association



Section I           The primary object of this association shall be for the improvement and welfare of                      immediate surrounding areas of Guilford Lake.


Section II         We declare the objects of this organization to be as follows:

1.      To promote fellowship and good will among its members and the citizens of the community.

2.      To unify the efforts of individuals, organizations, and institutions in the community toward making it an ideal place in which to live.

3.      To work with those agencies which serve the community and contribute directly to its progress.

Article III




Section I           Any and all interested property owners, within one mile area of Guilford Lake, who contribute five dollars ($5.00) per year, shall automatically become members of this association.


Section II         All other persons may become honorary members of this association upon donation of five dollars ($5.00) or more per year.

                           Honorary members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the association except those of voting and holding office, but shall have no responsibility in regard to the work of the association.

Article IV

Officers and Board of Directors


Section I           The officers of this association shall be as follows:




                        They shall be elected by the members attending, at the annual meeting, by a majority ballot vote of those members attending. The officers shall hold office for a term of two years, or until their successors are elected. They may be elected to further serve in their office if it is the desire of those members present and by a majority ballot vote. A vote by proxy will not be accepted.


Section II         Vacancies in office are to be filled by appointment by the remaining executive                             board members voting thereon by ballot.


Section III        The executive board shall consist of the officers and five (5) trustees. The trustees must be elected by ballot by the majority of the members present.

                           The past President shall automatically serve one (1) year as a trustee. There shall be two – 2 year trustees and two – 3 year trustees elected.

                           In case the President remains in office, there shall be a 1 year trustee elected.


Section IV        The slate of officers shall be presented at the June meeting, and voted on at the                          July meeting.


Article V




Section I           The annual meeting shall be held during the regular meeting in July of every year.


Section II         Regular meetings shall be held once per month in May, June, July, August, and September. The date and time of these meetings for the upcoming year is to be decided by majority vote during the annual meeting in July.

   A simple majority vote is required to change the date and time of any regular meeting, and written notification must be provided to all active members at least two (2) weeks prior to the new date and time.


Section III        Special meetings may be called by the President or Secretary. The call for the special meeting must state the business to be transacted and no business shall be transacted except that specified in the call. The membership is to be notified by mail and/or email of the special meeting.


Article VI



Section I           A majority of the members of this association present shall be necessary for a quorum at a regular or special or annual meeting.



Article VII



Section I           This constitution may be amended at any annual meeting, by a majority of those members present.

                           Amendments shall be first order of business, and then voted on at the end of the meeting.


Article VIII

Duties of Officers


Section I           President shall preside at all meetings and executive board meetings.

                        Secretary and Treasurer shall keep an accurate and classified list of the membership of the association with address of each.

                           Notify each member by card and/or email of the annual meeting date. Pay all bills as voted upon by the membership. Receive all money due the association. Keep an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements. Make a financial report at each meeting.

                           An audit of books to be made at the end of each two (2) year term by the trustees.


Section II         Duties of Board of Directors

                        This board of five (5) trustees shall audit the treasurer's books at the end of each two (2) year term.


Article IX

Standing Committees


Section I           Nominating Committee

                        The nominating committee shall have the Secretary as chairman plus two (2) members-at-large appointed by the President.


Section II         Social Committee

                        The President shall appoint a chairman and two (2) members. This committee shall plan coffee hours at the regular meetings and the July annual covered dish dinner meeting.


Section III        Other committees may be appointed as needed.